Don't talk to me

Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

Ihr Lieben,
da ich in den letzten Tagen keine Zeit zum posten hatte, weil ich 3 Tage lang Praktikum in einem Amtsgericht gemacht habe, habe ich mir nun endlich Zeit genommen, den ersten englischen Post zu schreiben.
Die Idee stammt von einem der abertausenden von Bildern aus den Facebook Gruppen.
So I hope you like it:
- Hey
- Hey
- How are you?
- How am I? How am I?? It's been a year. A year I spent 12 months trying to figure out what I did wrong. I spent 12 fucking month trying to understand how you could love me one day, and say you had absolutely no feelings for me the next. I spent my entire summer trying to get over you, thinking this school year I would be okay, and if I saw you occasionally I wouldn't care. But fuck that. I'm still not over you. And I don't think I ever will be. Because as much as I try to deny it, you were, and will always be my first love. Bur you were also my first true heartbreak. And every time I see you I'm filled with rage, anger, and sadness. I'm enraged that you don't give me andy acknowledgment. You pretend you don't even know me. And I am angry that you destroyed me like that and don't even care. And finally, I am sad. Sad that I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that you will truly never come back to me. Never like me. And never love me like you did. So after 12 months of CONSTANT torture, you come at me and say Hey? No. Don't talk to me. All you're gonna do is bring back more memories. And worse than memories? My fucking feelings that I had for you, so just stop talking to me before you add to the amount of emotional damage you've caused to my life.

Ich wünsche euch noch einen wundervollen Tag,
xoxoxo, eure Katharina <3
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P.S. Die nächsten Tage bin ich in Berlin unterwegs, sobald ich wieder da bin hört ihr von mir :-)

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Rachel schrieb am 9. August 2012 um 19:27 folgenden Kommentar:

Richtig tolller Text :) Gefällt mir total gut. Ich finds sogar ein bisschen ergreifend!

Mona schrieb am 9. August 2012 um 20:50 folgenden Kommentar:

der text ist so toll ♥!

Nina schrieb am 9. August 2012 um 22:58 folgenden Kommentar:

toller, gefühlvoller text <3

sandra freckled schrieb am 9. August 2012 um 23:08 folgenden Kommentar:

beautiful blog!

Jenni.Riot schrieb am 11. August 2012 um 03:34 folgenden Kommentar:

Super Text und cooles Foto ♥